small poems for the masses

small poems for the masses is a quarterly zine featuring small poems from four to six different authors. As with our microchapbooks, space is constrained: pages are 4″ tall and 3″ wide. Each page comfortably fits a maximum of 150 words; each line comfortably fits 45 characters (not words: characters) across, including spaces, with 20 lines to a page.

Poems that have been printed elsewhere will not be considered for small poems for the masses. Work published on social media, blogs, etc, will be considered as long as this is clearly noted in your cover letter and you agree to remove it from the internet.

The first issue of small poems will be released in September, 2018.

Submissions are currently closed, although we invite you to review our submission guidelines. Once subs reopen, we’re happy to see poems on any theme or topic, but are especially excited about those that fit, in some way, into themes of absence / ghosts / grief / hometowns / belonging (our tentative themes for the second volume of small poems, due in December), as well as the internet / the future / technology / apocalypse / garbage (our tentative themes for the third issue of small poems, due in March).